Battery Percussion – In The Mix

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Need a tutorial on the three basic strokes?  Tuning a drum?  Four-mallet technique?  What about teaching crab marching or auditioning percussionists for the battery and front ensemble?  This resource has all of that and more – including amplification, arranging, and balancing the ensemble.

Join experienced composer, judge, and clinician, Michael McIntosh, as he takes band directors through the process of how to teach a complete percussion section and fit them into “The Mix” of the music ensemble. This far-reaching tool will cover topics such as try-outs, instrumentation, technique, voicing and arranging, tuning, marching and playing, choosing the right technology and amplification solutions, and philosophies of teaching. Battery and front ensemble percussion can make or break a great marching show. Don’t let the percussion be an after-thought with your program this year. Learn from the best how to totally incorporate your percussion program into “The Mix” with this truly unique approach to the percussion arts for marching band. Are YOU in the mix? Chapters include: “Michael’s Message”, “Have no Fear, Get the Gear”, “If You Build it, They Will Drum”, “Crank it Up!”, “Practicing Performance All Day”, “Who’s Afraid of the Eraser?”, “Master Track Mix-Down”, “Technology, Are You Scared?”, and”Meet On the 50!”

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