Dynamic Marching & Movement 2

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Do you want to increase your confidence teaching marching and movement fundamentals with your high school or college marching band?  This video explains in detail over 20 exercises and drills so that you will feel confident and your students will have increased achievement and understanding.

Join experienced teacher, judge, and clinician, Jeff Young, as he and his staff guide you through a system of teaching visual fundamentals that has earned acclaim and success at both the state and national levels. “Dynamic Marching & Movement: Volume 2” will provide you with a clear and proven method for teaching basic and advance drills and exercises for marching band visual fundamentals. This resource builds upon techniques taught in Marching 1 and continues to focus upon innovative warm-up, stretch, and dance techniques as well. Chapters include: Full Stretch and Body Warm-up Routine, Block Drills, Across-the-Floor Drills, and Advanced Specialty Drills.

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