Band Director Essentials – Dynamic Marching Band Show Design

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Unit One

This unit will teach you how to clearly describe your band's identity now and what you want it to be in the future by defining your target audience and zeroing in on your goals. You will have a clear understanding of your budget and how that relates to "control over design vs. cost” as well as getting that rock-solid plan in place for the designers and companies that you hire.

Unit Two

In this unit you’ll learn our proven system for organizing the difficult process of show design in 7 easy steps.  You’ll learn 10 common elements of great marching band show design and construct time-lines and flow charts to map out the mood and story of your show. You will also learn about the judging sheets and what you need to do for best results and scores.

Unit Three

This unit will show you how to go into organization and communication overdrive! You’ll have everything you need to send to music arrangers/composers, guard designers, percussion arrangers/composers, and drill designers at your fingertips. Finally, you’ll complete your show design in record time by following the shared step-by-step blueprint with your staff and designers.

Full Course Contents

  • Here's a break-down of the full contents of our exclusive marching band show design course.
  • Know your band, audience, options and budget
  • Choosing and hiring "pros"
  • How to inspire creativity and dream big
  • 3 things to avoid when designing a marching band show
  • Mood time-lines and storytelling
  • Creating concepts and plots
  • Know the judging sheets
  • Much, much more....

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