Band Director Essentials – Designing Total Program Success

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Unit One - Evaluation

This unit will teach you how to clearly describe and document where your music program is RIGHT NOW and what you want it to be in the FUTURE by defining your target audience and zeroing in on your goals. We will guide you through evaluation of people, schedules, places, and resources as they pertain to your music program.  You will have a clear understanding of your budget, your strengths, your areas for growth, and your "next steps".

Unit Two - Organization

In this unit you’ll learn our proven system for organizing the process of designing a successful music program.  You’ll learn how to create a 1/3/5/7 year plan for your program and construct lesson plans and calendars for short-term, medium-term, and long-term planning.  We will help you map out the big organizational plans as well as the small details that lead to a successful rehearsal.

Unit Three - Communication

This unit will show you how to go into communication overdrive! You’ll have everything you need to increase the effectiveness of your communication with students, staff, designers, parents, and your family.  Strong communication will directly translate into stronger relationships with those people as well as increased achievement of your ensembles.

Full Course Contents

  • Here's a break-down of the full contents of our exclusive course for band directors, "Designing Program Success".
  • Know your band, audience, options and budget
  • Creating lesson plans for your music program
  • Evaluation of your music teaching, your co-workers, your administration, your school, and your school district
  • 5 strategies for band directors for better communication
  • Designing what your music program will look like in 1/3/5/7 years
  • Comprehensive plan toward achieving total program success!
  • Much, much more....

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